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Musica Poetica

Musica Poetica has some terrific events lined up for the second half of this year in Bath, London and Brighton. Here’s an overview of what’s coming.

Baroque Tales by Musica Poetica

Musica Poetica appears at the Old Theatre Royal, Bath on 26 August with Baroque Tales – a 17th and 18th century whirlwind tour of Europe complete with a complimentary Baroque-themed cocktail and canapés. As part on the all-year-round Bath Recitals concert series, Baroque Tales will ensure this summer musical party goes off with a swing.

Franz Tunder 
Salve coelestis pater & An Wasserflüssen Babylon
Heinrich Biber 
Sonata Representiva
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault 
La Mort d’Hercule
Jean-Philippe Rameau
 3-iéme Concert, Pièces de Clavecin en Concerts
George Frederic Handel
 Rejoice Greatly (Messiah) & The Harmonious Blacksmith
Henry Purcell
 Fairest Isle, King Arthur
Richard Leveridge
 3 Comic Songs
Francesco Cavalli 
La Calisto, Scenes 1 & 2

Back in London the Tunder World Series continues with Depart in Peace on 28 September. This wonderfully reflective lunchtime concert features some of Franz Tunder’s most spiritual compositions.

Like many composers, Franz Tunder set to music the Song of Simeon, or Nunc dimittis as it is also known. Unusually, Tunder’s setting features a bass duet and five stringed instruments – a very daring and innovative combination in its day!

Franz Tunder 
Salve mi Jesu
Herr, nun lässest du deinen Diener
Nisi Dominus aedificaverit

Actus Tragicus

26 October presents a thoughtful and reflective concert featuring one of Bach’s early works – also known as the Actus Tragicus. This is paired with a short choral work by Tunder, a setting of the gospel text recounting Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem, the week before his death of the cross”

Franz Tunder
 Hosianna dem Sohne David (Hosanna to the Son of David)
Johann Debastian Bach 
Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (God’s time is the very best time)

Brighton Early Music

Join us on 4 November at the Brighton Early Music Festival when Music Poetica performs Giacomo Carissimi’s masterpiece Jephte, one of the finest and best-loved 17th century oratorios. The programme contextualises this important work with music written by predecessors and contemporaries of Carissimi, including two female composers, Cozzolani and Caccini.

Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
O caeli cives

Francesca Caccini
Regina caeli laetare, alleluia

Giacomo Carissimi
Historia di Jephte

And music by
Giaschse de Wert and Girolamo Frescobaldi

The Mighty Fortress

The Tunder World Series reaches a magnificent conclusion on 30 November with The Mighty Fortress and a performance of some of Franz Tunder’s most elaborate and influential works.

The programme features three songs of praise, including Ein feste Burg, one of Martin Luther’s best-known hymns. A fitting end to a year in which we not only remember the 350th anniversary of Tunder’s death, but also the quincentenary of the Reformation.

Franz Tunder 
Helft mir Gott’s güte preisen
Wend ab deinen Zorn, Lieber Herr
Ein feste Burg


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